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Right After Posting “He Is Risen” Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets a Disgusting Surprise From Twitter

Big Tech social media tyrants keep going lower and lower.

Just when you think they can’t do anything more biased and nasty, they prove you wrong.

Today, on Easter Sunday, countless Christian conservatives are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Many people get online and post inspirational tweets or posts, and one popular phrase to say is “He is Risen.”

Indeed, he has!

But apparently, that phrase isn’t sitting well with the Godless left – which doesn’t surprise me – these people are just demonic to the core.

And speaking of demons – right after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene posted “He is Risen” Twitter suspended her account.

Nobody knows exactly why Twitter suspended her account – but it happened right after this inspirational Christian post – you do the math.

Doesn’t that just figure?


Personally, I can’t wait for President Trump to launch his new site.

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