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The media dispelled the myth of Princess Diana

Photo by BBC

Many people remember Princess Diana not only as a merciful “queen of human hearts”, but also as a socialite. At events, she often wore revealing outfits, becoming a favorite of fashionistas all over the world.

Diana was also remembered as a brawler after her statements about Prince Charles. But in reality, the mother of Prince Harry and Prince William was a couch potato.

Edith Conn, Chairman Emeritus of the UK Red Cross, recalled her conversation with Diana in 1991. After the charity event, the women started talking about work.

Then the conversation turned into a more personal channel. Conn asked Diana how she likes to spend her evenings. The princess admitted that she loves to eat and watch soap operas.

“Right now I’m going home. They’re my favorite beans, toast and East End are waiting for me [British TV series – Approx. ed.]. Quite a funny show,” Diana admitted.

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