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Kate Middleton banned Meghan Markle from Prince Philip’s funeral rumor debunked

Kate Middleton

According to a report, Kate Middleton had allegedly banned her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, from attending Prince Philip’s funeral service.

According to In Touch, they published a story that claims that  Meghan Markle’s “would have made it awful” presence at the funeral of Duke of Edinburgh. But on the other hand, instantly Prince Harry flew to the U.K after hearing about the death of his grandfather. It is stated that when Prince Philip’s death was announced after two days the Duke of Sussex returned to his home country.

On April 9 the great prince 99-year-old royal passed away. Some of the insiders stated that Prince Harry has “already been dreading seeing everyone again.” And the outlet added more to that ” Markle did not accompany her husband because Kate Middleton allegedly banned her from the funeral”.

Somewhere an unnamed soured told that: “The last thing they want is more trouble at Prince Philip’s funeral, so she’s been snubbed,” At that time Middleton had supposedly made sure that Markle won’t be there. So, the insider stated more that it felt like the “perfect revenge” for the Duchess of Cambridge. The report is not true so the Gossip Cop exposed it.

Out of the vengeance that is not fair or a good idea to ban Markle from Prince Philip’s funeral. It is true that after marrying Prince Philip Duchess of Sussex is already part of the royal family. Second, Prince Harry is unimaginable to attend an event where his wife has been banned because he loves his wife with die hard.

Why did Meghan skip Prince Philip’s funeral?

Buckingham Palace announced that Meghan Markle and Prince Philip’s funeral sans his wife would attend Prince Harry’s funeral. Moreover, there is nothing reason that had to do with Kate Middleton. The truth is that because of her pregnancy her doctors strictly advised her not to travel.

In February Prince Harry and Markle declared that they were expecting their second child also stated that the baby is a girl in an interview. Prince Harry and Markle are taking this strictly because that last year she had a miscarriage so they are staying in California by following her doctor’s advice. A source told Us Weekly the doctors said that don’t take the strain of taking the trip is worth her risking losing another baby.

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