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Jennifer Aniston says she wants to have kids with Brad Pitt: blast from the past

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married for a total of five years, before their magical love story came crashing down.

The actress, however, was still in search of stability and wanted to have children with Brad.

This happened around the time Jen finished up working on famed comedy serial Friends  and Brad Pitt was wrapping up Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie.

Opening up about wanting to start a family, the Friends alum told the Guardian in 2004, “I think you can work with a baby, I think you can work pregnant, I think you can do all of it. So I’m just truly looking forward to slowing down.”

However, the unexpected happened and the world witnessed Jen and Brad breaking up. 

A short while later, they then witnessed Brad introducing them to his new girlfriend Angelina, who they thought he had cheated on Jen with.

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