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Prince Harry will return for Coronation alone as ‘Meghan will refuse to face music’

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Prince Harry will attend King Charles’ Coronation alone as Meghan Markle isn’t “brave or strong enough to be there”, according to Paul Burrell. The King has “retained the moral high ground” by inviting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to the 64-year-old royal insider, and “the ball is well and well in Harry and Meghan’s court,” he said.

Paul stated that if they choose to attend the big ceremony on May 6, it will be “very unpleasant” for them to reconcile with the Royal Family. The pair has not yet officially confirmed their presence. If they go, it will probably be quite unpleasant for them, especially Meghan. Are they willing to accept the consequences?

“I don’t believe Meghan is courageous or strong enough to be there because she would have to face the family she has disregarded. Paul remarked, “But I think Harry might go alone and she’s probably informed him she won’t be there with him if he does go. He said that because Camilla will be “where his mother could have been” during the Coronation, Harry would find it challenging to see her.

Prince Harry

In his first book, Spare, Harry attacked his stepmother, alleging that he and his brother Prince William urged their father not to wed her. The Duke of Sussex also referred to Camilla as “the other lady” in numerous passages of his incendiary book, as well as claiming he worried about her being a “wicked stepmother”.

Paul said in an interview with the MirrorOnline reports, that Harry “blamed Camilla for things she didn’t do” and that attending King Charles’ Coronation will be “difficult” for him. After “turning their back on the Royal Family,” he said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should stay in America. After a string of negative interviews, it was unclear if the Sussexes would receive an invitation to the coronation.

“I can confirm the duke has lately received an email contact from His Majesty’s office about the Coronation,” said the couple’s spokesperson. But, they said, “An immediate decision on the duke and duchess’ attendance will not be announced by us at this time.”

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