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Osceola County: 2 men are charged of breaking into cars and stealing credit cards

2 men accused of breaking into cars
Jeffrey Gilbert, 21 (left) and Demonta Adkins, 23 (right) (Osceola County Sheriff's Office)

Jeffrey Gilbert, 21, and Demonta Adkins, 23, were arrested in connection to burglaries, Two men were detained after numerous vehicles were broken into in Osceola County last month, according to the sheriff’s office.

In February, according to deputies, the burglars targeted a popular tourist destination along the county’s Westside Boulevard corridor, breaking into cars to take credit cards and firearms.

According to investigators, the suspects then went to a Walmart, where they put on ski masks and used the stolen credit cards to buy Visa gift cards.

“One of the guys even bought flowers for his girl on a stolen credit card,” Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez said. “That’s a real winner right there, ladies.”

Demonta Adkins, 23, and Jeffrey Gilbert, 21, were arrested in connection to the series of burglaries, according to deputies’ statement on Monday.

The two men were ultimately arrested, according to the sheriff’s office, after they were spotted committing more burglaries at the Solara Resort.

According to the press statement, Gilbert was carrying a loaded weapon when deputies made their arrest of him, and Gilbert was also arrested in Lake County the previous year “in reference to the same crime trend.” According to deputies, Gilbert was free on bail from those charges.

For February’s crimes, Gilbert faces charges of grand theft of a firearm, petit theft, armed burglary, and five counts of car burglary. He is being held under a $47,750 bond.

Deputies said Adkins is charged with four counts of burglary.

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