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Trump’s Show Crew Member Asked “If We Could Get a Closeup Of Her T*ts”

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According to the staffer, Noel Casler’s alleged confessions into Donald Trump and his family’s lifestyle many times here at the Political Tribune.

Interestingly, the former president never blocked Casler, and neither has Ivanka or Donald Trump Jr. Trump was ill-famed for blocking people on Twitter.

Still, somehow, he never blocked Casler, and he didn’t lodge a lawsuit against the former staffer, which is another thing the former president is known to do.

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Casler has blamed Trump for a drug violation and other offenses some of which would make your skin crawl. He believes that Trump is the most racist person and corrupt. There hasn’t been enough media attention on the former president’s mental health issues and his many crimes.

“I’m gonna drop some quotes from former Ads on Television Shows with Trump,” Casler tweeted in 2019. “These are from Fall of ‘16 and are from FB-they deleted me after I broke my NDA and tried to get them to do the same.

I won’t give you their names, but here are their words.”

This is just disgusting as the owner of some tits:

Also, since then Casler hasn’t stopped. He unloaded on Trump and Rep. Matt Gaetz in his latest video clip, and he didn’t hold back.

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