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Britney Spears Shares Video of outfit Her Husband Hates: ‘To be honest, I’m confused’

Britney Spears first child with Sam Asghari
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Britney Spears had some fun on social media over the weekend, posting a video of herself in many clothes, one of which she designed and styled herself. It’s clear in the video that she’s having a great time, but evidently, not everyone appreciates her looks as much as she does. The pop singer’s Instagram comments are disabled, so we don’t know what fans think, but we do know what her husband Sam Asghari thinks, and he gives it a big thumbs down.

Britney Spears added in a caption connected to her post that Asghari feels the “black outfit” is “bad.” He allegedly informed her that he “hates” the video she shared, but he didn’t go into detail since the singer is “confused” about why he doesn’t like it. To be honest, I’m confused as well. I think it’s really cute, especially with the blazer and fun clutch.

The first outfit is unclear, but Spears claims she designed the one with the diamonds and slip. She allegedly bought the front piece for $170 and then had a person put in the slip behind it so she could wear it as a dress. She made a few more outfits, according to the post, but we haven’t seen them on social media yet. I’m hoping she’ll show them off in future videos. Maybe her husband will prefer those. Or perhaps he won’t. We’ll see them if Britney decides to post them.

That’s what we’ve learned about Spears since her conservatorship ended. She had spent over a decade with other people running her life and making all of her decisions. So she appears to be driven to do what she wants, even if she is occasionally less silly than she would like. Such freedom often means airing some dirty laundry about her family relationships.

Posting photos that are a little racier is sometimes required. Asghari has stated openly that he would prefer she avoid the NSFW photos, but it is Spears’ life, and she will live it as she sees appropriate. And sometimes it means posting an outfit he doesn’t like. As she said in her post, “Oh well.”

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