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Mum-to-be captures moment her baby bump ‘dropped’

Mum-to-be captures moment her baby bump 'dropped'
Credit: @nabby.nabs/TikTok

A pregnant woman shocked her followers when she captured the moment her baby belly ‘dropped’ on camera after an intense gym session. TikToker Jaime (@weirdjaime) now has a roughly ten-month-old newborn boy and updates about him on the popular video site on a daily basis.

Her baby belly ‘dropped’ while she was filming herself doing a kettlebell workout at 38 weeks pregnant. Jaime said in the caption of the video that she “almost peed [her]self” as it went down. Since it was posted in April 2022, the video has been seen over 5.5 million times, with over 550,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments.

TikTok followers took to the comments section to discuss the phenomenon after seeing Jaime’s baby bump ‘drop’ mid-workout. “I mean that’s one way to induce labor!” joked one follower. “Lol baby is like that’s it I have had enough!” commented a second while another amused viewer added: “He’s like mom chills I’m trying to nap in here.”

So many TikTok fans were shocked to see Jaime’s baby bump drop so clearly on camera. “Oh wow!! I saw baby drop from here!!!” wrote an amazed viewer. “GIRL YOU EVICTED THEM!” laughed another.

Traditionally, a ‘dropping’ baby bump signals that the body is preparing for labor in the near future, which is why so many other expecting mothers were surprised that Jaime was able to take part in such a high-intensity workout in the first place.

One pregnant viewer wrote: “Meanwhile I’m 35 weeks and can barely walk through the grocery store.” Meanwhile, another joked: “I’m 4 weeks and afraid to move the wrong way.” And another remarked: “Honestly you’re amazing! I wish I could do that. 31 weeks and just rolling over in bed my ligaments feel like they’re tearing.”

It was just a few weeks after that famous video that Jaime gave birth to her baby, who was born on April 18, 2022. If you’re one of Jaime’s 13,000 followers, you’ve seen the tiny kid grow up in the last 10 months, including an adorable video of him clapping his hands for the first time.

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