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Angelina Jolie introduced Zahara and Shiloh to The Weeknd

Angelina Jolie introduced Zahara and Shiloh

The family of Angelina Jolie may very soon be replenished with one more person. This was announced on Monday, July 12, by foreign journalists.

After Jolie divorced Brad Pitt, there was a lull in her personal life. However, not so long ago, Angelina was caught in the company of Bella’s former lover Hadid Abel, The Weeknd. Then there was no understanding of what was happening between the stars.

The other day Jolie and Abel were published together. Angelina took with her own children from a previous marriage – Zahara, and Shiloh.

At the meeting, the actress introduced the heirs to The Weeknd, which was regarded on the Web as a very serious step. Immediately after that, they began to whisper in the media space – apparently, everything is very difficult between a man and a woman.

Some even said – Jolie is preparing to get married. However, no one has provided any confirmation of this, reports The Sun.

Angelina herself prefers to remain silent. The Weeknd also does not comment on rumors.

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