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How to Exfoliate Skin to Get Effective Results?

The process of exfoliation helps in removing the dead skin cells that stick to the epidermis or on the outermost surface of the skin. Exfoliation makes your skin smooth and radiant. Moreover, if you want to keep your skin soft, supple and clean, then you must exfoliate your skin from time to time.

Items required for exfoliating your skin
You can exfoliate your skin yourself with the help of a few items:
• Exfoliating cleanser
• Pumice stone
• Exfoliating gloves, loofah or body brush
• Body lotion

Step 1
Before taking the shower, brush or rub your dry skin with body brush, exfoliating gloves or loofah. This process will remove all the loose skin from your body.

Step 2
Step into the shower and wet your whole body from tip to toe. If you are sunburned or if any part of your skin is wounded, then avoid exfoliating.

Step 3
Rub your feet with pumice stone to get rid of calluses and rough spots. If you have extremely rough feet then soak them in lukewarm water mixed with a little amount of milk at least 30 minutes before stepping into the shower.

Step 4
Apply a little amount of exfoliating cleanser to your exfoliating glove or loofah and start scrubbing your whole body in circular motion.

Step 5
You can scrub your back or other hard-to-reach places by using a body brush.

Step 6
While scrubbing your face be gentle, especially the area around your eyes and mouth. Do not use the exfoliating products designed for your body. Instead use products particularly designed for the face.

Step 7
While scrubbing your whole body, do not forget to scrub your hands, as your hands also deserve to be soft and smooth.

Step 8
After scrubbing, rinse your entire body in lukewarm water and then rinse it with cold water. Make it cold enough to bear and if you can’t stand it for long, then minimize the duration up to your comfort level. After rinsing your body, you can also apply shower gel to make your skin softer.

Step 9
After taking the shower, moisturize your whole body with a good quality moisturizing lotion. Moisturizers containing beta hydroxy acids or alpha hydroxy acids are better choices as these acids helps in removing the dead cells.

Step 10
Exfoliation generally dehydrates your skin temporarily, so keep applying moisturizers at least once a day for a week after exfoliating your body.

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