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Skin care remedies to transform Dry Skin into Healthy skin

Skin care remedies to transform Dry Skin into Healthy skin

Introduce these simple skin care routines in your daily life to pamper your dry skin.

Dry skin is usually very sensitive in all weathers, but the skin condition tends to worsen especially in winter. In the season of cold dry winter, dry skin requires thorough skin care and treatment. There are various reasons for dry skin including too much sun, windburn, harsh hard soaps and alcoholic cleansers, aging, water intake and even diet. The most important reason for dry skin is insufficient water intake that can turn your skin dry overnight.

Following are some helpful skin care remedies to transform your dry skin into glowing healthy skin:

  • Water:

Drink a plenty of water to maintain the hydration of your skin. Eight glasses of water daily can help in achieving healthy skin.

  • Vitamins and Natural Oils:

If you are serious dry skin problems, you may need to bring change in skin care routine. Many skin care creams and lotions that are available in the market contain vitamins, however, Vitamin enriched skin care creams should be the most preferable choice. Along with that, you can introduce Vitamin E capsules in your diet to solve your dry skin problems by strengthening skin from deep inside all over your body skin.

Other natural skin care remedies include use of evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil and Omega 3 oils derived from fish. All of these supplements act as additional help for your dry skin treatment and rebuild your skin moisture.

  • Diet and Nutritional Changes:

To get rid of your dry skin problems, the best natural skin care remedy is to change your eating habits by introducing healthy and nutritious food in your diet. You can achieve healthy skin by eating plenty of fresh fish. Moreover, fresh fruits and vegetables hold many essential vitamins that can be a plus point in your skin care routine. By adding a tablespoon of flax seeds in your morning cereal, you can enjoy a better taste and nutritional breakfast which can help achieve you healthy skin.

  • Moisturize your skin:

To maintain skin moisture of dry skin, it is important to avoid washing your face more often. Wash your face no more than twice a day with gentle soap-free cleanser and facial foam formulated for dry skin. Also avoid too much hot water and limit yourself to lukewarm water.

Always remember to apply a good moisturizer on your dry skin when it is still damp.

By following these simple skin care remedies, you can surely bring a vital change in your dry skin and soon your skin will turn to normal to healthy skin.

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