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Make Your Skin Soft and Moist

Skin Soft and Moist

Skin Soft and MoistWith winter, people think of hibernating. Whereas winter should be the golden period for festivals, outing and merry making. With that people send to receive a lot of exposure of sunlight to keep them warm and cozy in winter. Therefore, it is time when one needs to take special care of the skin. We’ll provide you with some useful tips regarding the winter health care issues.

The best tips to deal with any kind of winter related issues are to increase the intake of all the fruits available in the winter season. Fruits such as Peach, Strawberry, Kiwi and Apricot serve best to keep the skin fresh, moist and maintain its elasticity even in winter. Note that the Kiwi fruits is especially utilized for the purpose of a moisturized skin overall. Otherwise if you want to keep your skin soft and smooth even in winter, use lemon, honey, a drop of glycerine in hot milk. This tip will serve the purpose of keeping the hands moist and soft even in winter.

The key issue in winter with which everyone goes through is the problem of extreme dryness. Our tips include the method to combat this utter issue experienced in winter season. Try out a fruity-face pack if you are above the age of thirty. To make it at home, use ripe papaya, Vitamin E capsule which can be bought from any good medical store, local honey, fresh milk, a bit of cream and a few drops of glycerine to give it a finishing effect. Mix these ingredients and form a paste. Spread this pack evenly on your face and do not wash it until it gets dried. Still, if you face the problem of dryness, try petal pastes in winter. Other than that, try lotus leaves too which may prove to be useful. There this tip was just regarding the face.

We have other tips for winter issues that deal with the problem of dryness of knees and elbows. This winter issue can often become a source of embarrassment for a person who as these winter issues. The tip to resolve this problem is to get hold a banana, mash it gently and mix it winter sugar granules. Rub this on the dry elbows and knees till you see the sugar melting with the body heat. This tip is extremely useful to get rid f dry elbows and knees. In case you have your lip dry often, the best tip is to use honey, olive oil, lime juice and glycerine to treat the dry lips instead of using the lipsticks.

Lastly, the issue of extreme dandruff in winter can be remedied by using a good sized cucumber. Use these tips to remain soft and moist in winter.

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