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Beat the Heat – Look Fresh!

beat the heat look fresh skin

beat the heat look fresh skinThe summer season brings lot of festivities each year. Pool side parties, summer training camps, fresh and colorful fruits and green soothing vegetables and not to mention mangoes! There is a lot more than these to cherish in the summers. But it is essential to look fresh in the heat to enjoy the best of the times in the summers.

Taking care of your skin is not that difficult in the summer. You can do that all by yourself! You just have to follow a few simple rules and apply a few skin care tips.

Drink a lot of water through out the day. Try to drink at least three glasses of water early in the morning an hour before your breakfast. This will cleanse the whole body at micro level, giving your skin a fresh glow.

Eat raw fruits and vegetables in your mid-day snacks. Add a few nuts and fruit juices to your breakfast. This will help adding the required moisturizer during the hot summer day.

Have a cup of green tea at the end of the day to detoxify your body. It is a wonderful skin care tip and works wonders for the skin.

A wonderful tip for skin care in summer; mix ¾ cup of rose water with ¼ cup of lemon juice Fill it in a spray bottle and put it in the refrigerator. Have a splash of the mixture on your face whenever you come home from outside.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin no matter what skin type you have. Although the skin becomes oily in the summer, even then moisturizing it sufficiently is very important for skin care for summer.

Keep a bottle of coconut water with you whenever you go out. A sip or two every now and then will keep you cool through the day.

Helping yourself with these small tips will definitely make a difference to you and your skin. Your skin will thank you at the end of the summer season!

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