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Nose Piercing Aftercare Tips

Nose Piercing Aftercare Tips

Nose Piercing AftercarePiercing is way to adorn yourself with jewelry. Nose piercing looks very attractive and women all around the world are interested in nose piercing. Piercing is a wound and takes time to heal in a particular way. Before piercing you must be aware about the nose piercing aftercare tips about. In this way you will be able to enjoy piercing in a healthy way.

Nose Piercing Care/ Pre-Care

If you are thinking about nose piercing, before going for it keep in mind that

  • Rings or studs must be sterile and opened first at the time of insertion.
  • Check out the facility license and equipment, and keep in mind that the same gun that pierces ears is not good to pierce noses. Gun or needles should be sterile as there is a risk of infection from the non sterilized gun and needles.
  • While piercing the nose technician should be wearing sterile gloves.

Nose Piercing After-Care

Nose piercing usually takes approximately 8-10 weeks to heal. In order to heal fast and avoid infections you must follow these instructions carefully.

  • In nose piercing after care, clean the piercing every day in the shower, soak a cotton wool ball or tissue in anti bacterial solution clean it with gentle stroke.
  • Let dry the piercing afterwards carefully by “patting” not by rubbing the piercing or dry with a clean tissue, piece of paper towel or toilet paper. Keep in mind don’t rub to make it dry it can pull the stud out.
  • In nose piercing after care use Lavender oil as it promotes healing and greasing the wound and also reduces tenderness. After cleaning apply a small amount of oil with a cotton-wool bud on your nose. Move the jewelry what you are wearing after piercing, so it gets into the wound, if you have a stud move it up and down if it is a wring rotate it gently.
  • In nose piercing after care use B-vitamins with Zinc supplement as this promotes healing quickly.
  • Don’t pick at or pull at the outer layer of stud or Nose ring as this can cause swelling to form, and cause infections.
  • For nose piercing after care don’t  remove the jewelry in the piercing till it’s healed, pulling it in and out can delay healing and cause infections and swelling.
  • Replacement of the jewelry during the healing phase is dangerous. It causes infections in piercing and delays the healing process.
  • It is necessary to be with the piercing stud until it gets healed.
  • In nose piercing after care make sure that you are not using makeup or other skin care products on piercing. These products may contain such ingredients that would be harmful for piercing wound.

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