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Deal Good with that Oily Skin This Summer!

If have an oil refinery right on your face worry no more for the guide to the right products and makeup tips is here for oily skin this summer.

Oily skin is the worst thing that can happen to you in summer. Many of us suffer through the trauma of melting makeup on summer evenings. Even when we go out we have to refresh the makeup on our oily skin numerous times starting from washing it first. Although having an oily skin is not that bad after all as it has been researched that those with oily skin get wrinkles quite late than those with a dry skin. I too have an oily skin and I know how it feels to get that shine on your t-zone when you don’t want it. Then I researched on the best products for oily skin so that we can also follow the summer makeup trends with a fresher skin.

Here are the makeup tips for oily skin which can help you get rid of that unwanted shine on your face.

  • One needs to be very careful with makeup for oily skin as it needs more carefully chosen products. These summer makeup tips for oily skin can give your face the fresh look through out this season. My first makeup tip for oily skin is to use a good face cleanser daily. This will clean away the oil and dirt in your pours. For this you can buy gel cleansers for oily skin from Neutrogena or Clean & Clear both are top selling brands. Then we come at moisturizing your skin do by applying oil free moisturizers preferably having SPF 15. Neutrogena and Clean & Clear both have a very vast variety of moisturizers for oily skin you may also want to check them out.
  • Another important summer makeup tip for oily skin is to avoid using foundations you can always use powder as an alternative. Use mineral based makeup products like the ones that MAC offers. DO NOT even think of using alcohol and oil based products as they will only make your skin oilier.
  • For compact powders you can buy oil free compacts by MAC, Neutrogena, Clinique and give your skin a matte finish. Apply blush on if you require and a gloss on that pout and that’s it for preparing for a fresher oil-free day. Remember to keep oil control blotting papers in your handbag to refresh your skin after a few hours. Blotting papers for oily skin can be bought from Clean & Clear.
  • So use these summer makeup tips for oily skin along with the summer makeup trends for 2010 and get a fresher healthier looking skin even when the heat is on the peak!

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