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Go Green Drink Green

Go Green Drink Green

You know that green tea is quite beneficial for you. But do you know it can do you wonders? An insight into the benefits of green tea.

We have read dozens of articles on summer health care. And you might already know most of the summer health tips. Which include drink plenty of water, avoid excessive sunlight, apply sun-block before going out, wear right SPF sunglasses etc. etc.

So let’s talk about something more than mentioned in these summer health tips which can make you much healthier from the inside. And that is when we talk about green tea. This is one drink which can help you in so many ways without a single side effect. Now let’s talk about the benefits of green tea researched so far.

The prospective health benefits of green are still counting as it is still being worked on. However Chinese knew the benefits of green tea long ago and it is believed that green tea has important antioxidants and compounds that help in maintaining good health.

First important benefit of green tea is that it helps you reduce weight. Believe it or not but it has been researched that if you are going for a diet plan add green tea in it. As green tea is just the right supplement for weight loss in a healthier manner.

Another health benefit of green tea discovered is that an intake of 2 cups of green tea daily inhibits cancer. So the more green tea you drink the more you lessen the chances of stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic, and colorectal cancer.

Benefits of green tea also include a healthier heart. As green tea is a dilator so it improves the flow of blood in your vessels this way you reduce the chances of heart problems. Just when we think this is it green tea also helps prevent tooth decay. It kills the bacteria which cause dental plaque and also prevent food poisoning. Along with all these benefits of green tea Green tea also helps fighting several other health problems like rheumatoid arthritis, impaired immune function, cardiovascular diseases etc.

So now that we know that basically green tea is even more beneficial than coffee or black tea why not opt for a better drink this summer? My summer health tip to you is that along with a healthy diet you must start your intake of green tea and get a healthier, cleaner inner you. And of course when you are healthy from the inside it shows on the outside.

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