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Water is Important for Beauty

Water is important for Beauty

Water is beauty’s best friend. Water is not just a must for your skin but it helps greatly with general health as well.

Your beauty needs a minimum of two liters of water per day just as your body needs it to function properly. If you have not been a keen water drinker, this may seem impossible. Have a fresh supply of water with you at all times. Use what is most convenient for you; bottled water or a thermos.

Keep a back-up supply of water everywhere: at work, your car, the gym locker, even bottled water in the baby buggy. At home, have your 1 liter a day requirement waiting for you in a pitcher; it helps to know how much of your water you still have to drink.

Smooth, soft, unblemished skin is a dream everyone dreams. Nowadays, the medical industry is coming up with so many skin care treatments that are halfway between plastic surgery and serious cosmetics. You can have your skin sanded, chemically peeled, zapped with lasers, frozen or injected with Botox. None of them sound pleasant because none of them are. The expense is another story altogether.

No one likes pimples but everyone gets them at some point. Here’s one of the easiest clear skin tips around: Drink more water! If you are not drinking adequate amount of water, you’ll eventually poison yourselves with your own metabolic wastes. By drinking around eight glasses of water a day, you are flushing out the toxins that would normally escape through the pores of your skin. This prevents acne breakouts and a lot of other skin and health problems as well.

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