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Women travelling tips with children

This general travel safety suggests that women travelling with children by air need to book at non-peak times as it gives them an opportunity to get a free seat for their child to relax. They should come early and if they are travelling by car, you can give them one of those delicious treats every hour.

Women travelling tip suggests that be sure to pack a change of clothes for yourself because you never know when your child spoils your clothes. Another women travel guide states that put some juice boxes in your carry on because children have the habit of complaining of being thirsty.

Women travelling tip states that while travelling with babies, one question which comes in mind as a fear, ‘what happens if I loose my child?’ before starting the tip visit a local hospital and ask if they will make one of those plastic bracelets for each of your children. Usually, they will and while travelling to foreign countries this band would help.

The most successful women travelling tip for car travelling is to make easy fun loving projects like puzzles, board games, and play dough.

You can also go to the store and buy a bunch of cheap make-up, toys, and anything that looks like fun for kids (age-appropriate items) and if they don’t make noise they get a prize for every 45 minutes. This women travelling tip works wonders!

General travel safety suggests that when travelling in a car or on an aeroplane, a great entertainer is reusable stickers. Your children can stick or re-stick them on the windows of the car or aeroplane. Also, lollipops are other interesting items.

The women travelling tip suggests that when taking long road trips with younger children above 6 have them wear diapers or pull-ups as it helps or makes sure that children go to the washroom before travelling begins.

Women travelling tip says that always keeps, a recent photo of your child in your wallet – in case you loose them in a crowded area, and need help in locating them.

Also pack an entire day’s worth of clothing, a change of clothes, sufficient disposable diapers, and food in a Ziploc bag for each day of travelling.

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