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Being Madly in Love!

Madly in Love! A little phrase that seems so unreal in the corrupted world of today! But ask a little heart that resides in me and it will tell you what it means to be madly in love!

I wonder what actually is this intense pressure of feelings, waiting to blast my heart and soul! And a voice whispers it is being madly in love. Is it lust that my body feels every night in a desire to become your part and feel your touch inside the deepest part of me or is it the immense desire to sacrifice my whole being just to make you smile? Is it the selfish desire to hide you from the entire world or is it the selfless devotion of my life and heart to let your soul fly high with happiness?

Being madly in love is evil, it makes you do things you never dreamed of doing, you fight with God and cry like a child asking for some toy you badly desire. You fight with yourself in a desperate try to control your crazy heart.

Does every woman in the world feel the same way when she falls in love with some unknown stranger who comes into her life and becomes an inseparable part of her existence? Or is it just me, who is unable to control the passion, the unmeasurable love and desire for someone, who came into my life some months back and now it feels like it will be my death if i parted away from him!

Is it temporary love sickness or is this what everyone calls being madly in love? I don’t know but the only thing I know is that being madly in love calls for perfection. You thrive to become perfect in the eyes of your love. You struggle to give them pleasure and to make them the happiest person alive.

Being madly in love is building an unconditional, endless and selfless relationship, where there is no space for ego, doubt and misunderstandings. It reserves no returns and asks no credits. It’s about creating a world with love that becomes a source of your satisfaction and happiness and as the days pass by, it becomes more beautiful and stronger.

And this little girl hopes to give you endless love. A little bit dirty, messy and full of tears, yet decorated with the beauty of sacrifice, devotion, compromise, laughters, endless care and pure heart that beats for you. If this is being madly in love, yes, I am madly in love with you!

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