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Travel Tips for Pregnant Ladies

The pregnancy period is one of the blessings in a woman’s life and this period need special care. Pregnant women should be cautious during travel whether it is by train, plane or car even. Consultation with a doctor before travelling can save you from high risks. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists warn women to avoid travelling if they are near to their thirty-seventh week of pregnancy.

If you have ever faced any previous pregnancy problem or you are more than 35 years old pregnant then various reasons of pregnancy risk during travel can attack including vaginal bleeding, gestational problems. And women who have ever faced pregnancy problems like prior ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, premature labour, or cervical problems are strictly advised not to travel.

However, if it is important to travel with the pregnancy then must read the travel tips when pregnant.

  • Consultation with a doctor before travelling in pregnancy should be your first step. Discuss your all prior conditions and present feelings with your doctor, so that he/she could advice you on important travel tips in pregnancy.
  • If you are travelling by plane check your aeroplane rules and services. Some airlines do not allow 35 weeks over pregnant women or they demand a doctor’s approval note.
  • If you need to wrap a seat belt during travelling in pregnancy then wear it under your belly near your lap and don’t wear it so tightly.
  • Try to sit on the seat where you can relax, stretch or move your legs because swollen feet are the most common symptoms faced by pregnant women and if you have relaxing seat you can stop occurring this symptom during travel in pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women need to be hydrated more, so keep water with you. Juices are also helping you to keep your stress and high blood pressure normal.
  • Similarly, like water intake, pregnant women need to eat more and time to time. Keep good snacks, crackers with you to avoid nausea during travel in pregnancy.
  • For the long run travel in pregnancy must keep your medical records with you. Medical kit during travelling in pregnancy is also suggested by Gynecologists. Keep your multivitamins and tablets with you.

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