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Women’s Travel Guide

Women’s Travel Guide

It is a reality that women need to travel with great care as we continue to hear stories about women’s travel being unsafe in general, but don’t let that worry you but follow this simple women’s travel guide and remember the famous saying, “Stay safe but don’t stay home!”

This women’s travel guide suggest that women are easy target than men, so the best option is to stick to the safer parts of town but you’ll miss all the adventure.  Always remember to carry travel accessories like torch or heavy flashlight in your hand. Be careful on dark streets even if you have a companion.

Women should always watch for the crowd, stay on your guard when you are moving in places like bus stations and during street celebrations, where you’re likely to be jostled — thieves use these circumstances to grab your stuff.

Women’s travel network guideline suggest that keep your cash, credit card etc in your personal garments because muggers aren’t interested in your personal stuff. A money belt works, too, but thieves are well aware about it too.

Women’s travel guide suggests that you should avoid wearing travel accessories like pretentious or heavy jewellery because it might get lost or stolen. Women’s travel network suggest that in case of being mugged, do not resist but let go of your bag and then shout for help rather than risk assault.

This women’s travel guide suggest that there are ways to hide your travel cash! How about an attire! If you are a western, avoid looking like a rich Westerner to get a creepy attention, just follow your casual style. Learn the local dress code as soon as you arrive; buy appropriate clothing locally if necessary. In Islamic countries, lay aside your own opinions and wear a head scarf and shalwar kameez.

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