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5 Mistakes In A Relationship You Might Be Making

Relationships are based on the feelings of love, trust and sacrifice. We all know that, don’t we? Then why do we still have problems in our relationships? See what our readers had to say about the most common mistakes in a relationship and find out if you are doing it too.

“I believe that taking your partner for granted is one of the worst mistakes in a relationship that you can make”, said Courtney, 28, who has been in a committed relationship since 3 years. We agree with her all the way because when partners take each other for granted, they are breaking the very foundation that any relationship works on.

Another common mistake in a relationship that many of us make is breaking our partner’s trust. Arthur, 36, had recently come out of a bitter divorce and custody battle said “My ex-wife made the mistake of breaking my trust. Our relationship was fine until she started telling me little lies about spending money, going out with friends and much more”. Breaking your partner’s trust is a very common mistake in a relationship that many of us make. Don’t let this happen to your relationship.

We also had many readers telling us that their partner “just wasn’t there when they needed them the most”. This common mistake in a relationship is not something that can be merely pointed out to someone. You need to understand your partner’s weaknesses and be there for them when they need your support. Friends, it can be as simple as spending time on the couch with your partner if they’ve had a bad day at work.

Jesse, 42, has a strong view about proper communication in a relationship and believes that couples often make this common mistake in a relationship and don’t do enough deliberate attempts to communicate properly.

“You don’t need a relationship counselor to tell you that communication is the most important element of your relationship. If you have any issue that needs to be addressed with your partner, make sure that you talk about it. Don’t let the issue go out of hand by keeping mum” advised Jesse. Are you making enough attempts to establish open and strong lines of communication or are you making this common mistake in your relationship too?

Without a doubt, not spending enough time together is a common mistake in a relationship that has to figure in our list of top 5. “We must realize the fact that we get into a relationship with a person because we like to be with them and want to spend more time with them” said Carla, 29, who broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years because he met her only once a week. Their relationship broke down because he gave other things more priority than the relationship itself. You don’t want that to happen to you right?

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