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Put a smile on your broken heart

When you love someone, it makes you vulnerable, your naive heart flutters and jumps out of you to that stranger, whom you call your beloved, the pain of waiting and missing seems bitter and unbearable but still you keep flowing in the stream of your emotions towards your love. You trust him and give him a part of you that you’ve never given to anyone.  But one day he leaves you drifting into the desert of darkness, taking away everything except that broken heart and making you a hollow human being.

If you are one of them who get hurt climbing that white horse of their fantasies, you must accept life moves on like that white horse and so must you. Face those feelings of rejection and anger by acknowledging them, dealing with them, and then achieving closure and the most important thing is to get in touch with reality that lies outside the walls of your imagination. Break those walls and come into real world.

The first thing that you need to realize is fact that relationship is truly over. You cannot begin moving on until you completely give up on that person. Put your former lover completely out your system. Discard the last shred of hope that you may get back together. Cry if you want to; don’t stop yourself for crying will eventually end up all your negative emotions.

Once you’ve accepted that it is over, you are ready to make amends with yourself. Forgive yourself for mistakes you may have made. Quit staying up at night thinking “If I had only done…” because it doesn’t matter now. The relationship is over.

Stay busy. Keep your mind occupied, and if you can’t keep your mind occupied, keep your body occupied. Try not to be alone. Go out with friends take up a new hobby. Try to avoid the routines you used to follow during the relationship. Physical activity is always the best thing to express frustration; you can do boxing, or play sports to release feelings of resentment, anger and guilt.

Seek new experiences. The best way to forget the old is to embrace the new. Now is a good time to broaden your horizons. Find out for yourself that there is more to life than that one lost love. Break the habit. This person may have been a large part of your life. You may have had daily rituals that involved him or her. Avoid situations that remind you of their absence. Now you have to find other activities to fill the void.

But always remember, when one door of happiness gets close, the other one opens for you. Look outside and embrace the coming happiness with open heart, because the world never stops, the chances are endless, and always remember you are small yet special part of this whole cosmos and you will surely get what you deserve!

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