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Prescription for a broken heart

It feels so miserable when a boy comes in your life, takes control of your heart and leaves, breaking it into many thousand pieces. The pieces may be put together again but there remain cracks like jigsaw puzzles. Lifeless and emotionless like crack pieces of paper, our heart becomes another puzzle waiting to be played again.

Sometimes our tears keep waiting for the same person to come and kiss them, the one who in fact gave them birth inside the deepest shadows of our soul. We silly girls want the same person who broke our heart, never knowing the fact, he will never come back until we wipe away those tears and stop being miserably needy and loser. Yes, read on if you want to get you ex-boyfriend back.

You would be probably thinking that he might come back to you out of pity, seeing you badly need him back. Then that’s a big NO NO! For boys never fall out of pity. Show him that you have got your self-respect; you are strong and possess a certain dignity in you. This will make him respect you even more.

Don’t show yourself as a doormat, crying and begging him to stay; this will even annoy him more. I know its difficult sweetie but try to hold yourself as much as you can. Let him feel the pain of missing you as well. Don’t make him feel that he can get you and play with your emotions any time he wants, rather show him that once he has gone, he can never get you back.

In the meantime, feel the freedom of being single. Hang out with friends, get a full body massage to relax you muscles, eat chocolates to boost your happy cells. And get some time for yourself, friends and family. Focus on other interesting things. One thing that can magically bring him back to you is dance classes. This can be a really fun thing to move your attention away from your ex. But make sure he gets to know your new routine, as it will make him jealous when he will imagine you dancing in other’s arms.

They say if you love someone let them go, if they come back, they are yours, but if they never come back, they are never meant to be yours. Let him go if he wants to, because boys don’t deserve those precious little tears. If your boyfriend leaves you make him feel that you were a precious stone that they lost, an asset that he can’t have again. Give him some tough time, even if he comes back to you, don’t melt so easily and I bet you will have your boy again by your side.

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