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Promise Ring Mean in a Relationship

Lovers usually do many promises in their relationship to make the relation strong and durable. Promise ring is one of them that symbolize a sign of commitment between lovers. The commitment that they will stick with each other no matter what kind of circumstances they are facing in their life.

Promise ring is not just a jewel but it has a great significance in a relation. You can made certain promises by giving the promise ring to your partner and make sure that the meaning of this ring should be well understood by you and your partner as well. Consider this commitment ring as the strong element of your relation and keep the promises that you will make by giving this ring, which no doubt, is the main purpose of the promise ring.

Why promise rings given or exchanged?

As it is mentioned above that promise rings are given to partners to make certain promises and commitments. But there are also some more reasons for exchanging promise rings depending on individual’s case. If you love someone than the ring that you will exchange with your partner will be your pre-engagement ring with a promise that you will get engaged and than married in future with your lover. It shows your loyalty with your partner. The ring is given when you decide to live together in future with your lover but unable to get engaged or married at current time. In most cases, it is the most common meaning of promise ring and those who remain loyal with their commitment replace this promise ring by engagement or wedding ring in future.

Purity Promise Rings:

Purity promise rings are exchanged between partners or lovers to make a commitment or promise to remain chaste or abstained form something. Today we see a large number of boys drinking and smoking. Their girlfriends than exchange purity promise rings which keep their boyfriends abstain from all these types of habits. This promise ring can make a strong bond between couples and increase their love with each other.

Main promises that a promise ring have in a relationship are following:

Love You Always:

The base of any relation is love without which no relation could be successful. A promise ring means that you will always love your partner in any condition. You love for you partner will never end at any cost but increase with every new day.

Promise To Be Faithful:

When you exchange promise ring with your partner than it also means that you are faithful to him/her. By keeping the ring, you are also restricting to keep the promise with that ring that you will always be faithful and loyal throughout your life with your partner. Never cheat your partner if you have your promise ring because it can ruin your relation forever. Be faithful and share each and everything of your life with your lover as it will help you to make a strong bond between both of you.

Keep Secrets:

Promise ring also means that you must keep the secrets of your partner and never disclose it to anyone as it can break the trust of your lover and can hurt him/her emotionally. When you are in a relation with someone, than you should be very careful in every matter, and remain trustworthy.

Everlasting Friendship:

Fast friends share every problem and happiness equally. If a couple become friends too, than their relation will be everlasting. Promise ring also promises that both of you will remain friends too that share their every moment of life. You have to prove yourself a good friend of your partner if you have exchanged promise rings of friendship. This can make your life easy and tension free and you can become the ultimate love of your partner.

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