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Breakup -The most common Relationship problem

When you are in a relationship it seems really amazing at the beginning since fatal attraction for each other plays an important role, but by the passage of time why this beautiful feelings fades?? the partners ,the loves mates begins to criticize each other, they don’t listen to each other. A wall of silence grows between them and at last a beautiful relation of love and care becomes to an end in the form of BREAKUPS. Yes, the breakups are painful for both men and women. This very article will give you some useful tips upon making your relationships more satisfying and for avoiding breakups.

As a Relationship starts both the men and women are very much hopeful, delighted and exciting since being in a relation is it self a life changing experience. The common features of both the partners provides an attraction bridge between the two hearts.

They think that they are people on top of the world… things must go like this but is it really so..?? No not all as the time passes and the partners starts more spending time with each other as couple  they began to notice shortcomings being with each other. They used to highlight each other’s bad hobbits and the charm of a loving relationship fades.

These relationship problems ends upon the note of breakups which are not only painful but a bitter memory for whole life also. To avoid breakups we are going to give you some relationship advice which will prevent you from ending up your relation. So here are they: Give instead of expecting to gain- Yup…most of the people in a relationship believes in taking not giving. Once they understand the importance and significance of sacrificing for each other.

They will be bound in a relation of care. Most of the relationships breaks since they think that they are not useful in each others life so avoiding this major relationship problem the most followed relationship advice is to’ Give instead of expecting to gain”. Understand each other’s priority – Most of the relations problems arise when partners don’t understand each others priorities. For example: your love mate give more importance to career rather then romance and you are fond of romance. Here a wall arise when they think that are they are neglecting each other due to clash of priorities.

To solve this relationship Problem you must understand each others priorities and above all support them in achieving their goal .this not only give a sense of good will but also brightens your personal character score high. This relationship advice works really and believe me it will cost nothing except a very little GIVING. Don’t criticize directly-You yes you ..you did this. You did that .You are lazy ,you are not paying attention to me.

Most of the partners criticize their Love mates by directly pointing out their mistakes by saying “you “. This is the most common relationship problem among couples and this is really unfortunate that criticizing the partner could take a violent note and relationship is ended for ever…to avoid this injurious relationship problem follow our relationship advice which is that don’t criticize your partner but if its really necessary to criticize him to make him know what you feel then you criticize him in very cultured diplomatic tone which should not have any aspect of insult. Then you will say that you message is conveyed and your loved once again.

Try it …it’s a bet. Trust each other- Yes, trust each other in all ways .Share your life and work experience with each other .trust each other in all good and bad times. And this will wipe off Doubting relationship problem …..!

Ending on this note that these relationship advice will prevent your dearest relationship from breaking ups. Have a happy relationship.

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