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Things that a Girl Should Know

Its fun to talk boys, about their oh-so-sexy looking eyes, cute smiles, groovy hair but what about their heart and mind. We girls never try to go beyond their gorgeous eyes to know what’s going on deep down. We always neglect the important things that a girl should know. In a survey of 150 boys, we asked from nerdy geeks to the campus gods about some most important things that a girl should know when it comes to boys. We got some shocking results that we want to share with all those lovely ladies out there.

Most girls go so far to imagine a blooming romantic relationship with a guy who calls them, but the bitter truth that a girl should know is calling over phone does not mean that the guys is in love with her. He might be calling because she is cute and nice or whatever. For a boy it’s just a phone call not a confession of everlasting love.

If you think putting a lot of makeup, and painting your face with all those colors will attract boys, then that is a big ‘no no’ for boys thinks it’s ugly. A girl should know the power of simplicity when it comes to arrest boys. The best thing that you can do is to go for natural makeup, a mineral foundation, mascara and a bit of glow on lips would be perfect natural look.

It’s really annoying to boys when you giggle and become hyper excited about something so normal. Clapping hands in excitement, Oh my Gosh, yaaayyy!!! All these expressions make boys think that you are pretending in a desperate need to get attention thereby a girl should know how to express excitement and extreme joy while remaining within elegance and modesty.

It sounds so mean and rude to boys when a girl whispers something bad about the other girl. Believe me for boys its just a third grade act. Boys like girls that are nice and sweet and just stay away from freaky gossip stuff.

“If there’s one thing that I can’t stand, it’s when a girl asks me if she looks fat”, says a college dude Stephen. A girl should know what do boys have to do with her looking fat or skinny. Boys do not want to listen about girl’s insecurities about her body. It gets really boring for boys when you waste hours and hours of conversation talking about your big fat ass.

A girl should know that tight clothes look uncomfortable, cheap and sort of desperate and insecure to boys. So it’s better that a girl should keep upgrading herself with various different looks, sometimes highlighting her sexy figure and other times her flat tummy or she may expose tan sun kissed shoulders for a change.  Don’t overload yourself with fitted clothes to expose your boobs all the time for it looks cheap.

Little but important things that a girl must always know to be the ultimate feminine beauty.

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