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Shanghai – The Travel Hotspot

Shanghai Travel Attractions

Culture, shopping, food and beauty lies in Shanghai so travel to this city and experience a holiday like never before.

Shanghai, China is a wonderful destination to travel and this city offers a wide array of exciting leisure activities for those wanting to travel to a destination which offers the hustle and bustle of city life, as well as culture, shopping and simply amazing food. See my very own personal travel guide to a city which I have visited many times.

Travel Guide for Scenic Leisure Travel

Use my travel guide as a starter to getting around in Shanghai and finding places to visit. For leisure travel, sight seeing and leisure activities I would suggest many places but here are my top three.

  1. Travel to the Yuyuan Gardens, which is a beautiful scenic location set in the middle of a busy shopping area and surrounded by water.
  2. My travel guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a trip to the TV Tower, which is the single best view of Shanghai that you can have.
  3. Travel along The Bund and take a boat ride or cruise along the River Bund, which runs through Shanghai.

Travel Guide for Shoppers

There’s not enough space on this page to run through the shopping places to travel to in Shanghai. Leisure travel must include a visit to the following places before you leave this shopping crazy city.

  1. 580 Nanjing Road is one of the famous local malls to travel to. Be prepared to bargain hard otherwise you’ll spend much more than necessary!
  2. Travel to FuYou Road and Market for some serious local shopping. Leisure travel in this area is fast paced and decor items in this location are excellent.
  3. Travel to Yatai Xingyang Market for chopsticks, sets for soup, pouches and other colourful local items.
  4. If you’re looking for tea of all varieties, from flavoured to blooming and scented, then travel to wholesale markets including Laoximen and Tianshan Markets.
  5. For serious branded shopping, when you travel to China, know that they apply tax which makes the brands very expensive indeed! Be sure to travel to the largest grossing Louis Vuitton store in the world on Hua Hai Road and prepare to be amazed.

Travel Guide for Diners

  1. Travel to China means you will be able to sample a massive amount of strange and bizarre food and drink nacks on the road side. But don’t ask me how to find out what you will be eating because I still haven’t figured it out myself!
  2. Hunan province food, available in the French Concession area is simply delicious! Travel to restaurants which offer Hunan and Sichuan and be blown away!
  3. My travel guide for restaurants includes a visit to the following places:
    • Du Shui Dong (Hunan)
    • Guyi (Hunan)
    • Zen (Dim Sum)
    • Pin Schuan (Sichuan)
    • Xintori (Sushi)

Travel within Shanghai can be amazing but please know that the majority of locals do not speak English. On my visits to the large department stores, I realized that not even their sales people speak English. Strongly consider hiring a travel tour operator and translator to survive!

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