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Chocolacious Romance

Chocolate, the word itself creates a kinky feeling on tongue and it starts craving for at least a single bite of this irresistibly delicious bar of pure romance. Ahh! For romance and chocolate are as inseparable as valentine and sweethearts. Chocolates are sexy, yummy and highly sensual sweet temptations.

Every single love filled bite when goes down your throat makes you indulge in a pleasure that makes you feel love, its raunchy bites play with your hormones and make love to them while you are lost in its passionate fantasy. What is that thing that makes us fall in love with these highly pleasurable chocolates?

Science has proven the release of certain chemicals during moments of extreme pleasure, passion or lust and cause a euphoric effect on the person. These chemicals occur naturally in chocolates, that when enter your blood stream makes you feel ‘being in love’ kinda feeling.

The legendary combination of chocolate and passionate love goes back to the ancient Aztec culture where chocolate was used as a stimulator to increase sexual desire and passion. It makes you crave for passionate romance and sex. Read on to know how the ultimate choco-magic can turn your simple man to oh-so-wild and passionate lover.

Melted dark chocolate mixed with some sweet peppers is the ultimate hot beverage that can make you go crazy for a steaming hot night with your partner. Some drops of dark chocolate syrup on his body will taste even more divine and delicious

You can do sweet little chocolaty tricks for your partner to make him feel happy and romantic. Lay a path of wrapped chocolates that leads to your bedroom and have a sexy treat waiting at the end.

You can write small love notes of chocolate. For example write ‘I love you’ with chocolate syrup on some dessert that you especially made for him.

During moments of romance and love making, you can feed each other divine chocolate bites with your mouth, the exotic fruity taste of cherry scented lip gloss on your lips when fused with magical aroma of chocolate will surely create flaming sparks in your love making session.

Chocolate may seem a small delicious bar packed inside a cute little wrapper but it can turn out to be so raunchy and sexy that you may not have imagined before for this rich heavenly bar got the amazing power to show you a whole new world of passion and romance.

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