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Romance is gone out of relationship

In the beginning of your relationship, the sex was incredibly hot, you used to spend your days imagining different raunchy ways to romance and love, and your nights were all full of passion and craving that seems to get cold as the time passes. Your days become busy and the nights, cold and sleepy. Romance seems to be gone out leaving behind monotony and boredom. Read on to know if the passion of those early days has gone out of your relationship.

You have a drawer full of sexy nightgowns that you haven’t worn for months. Who needs lingerie when you have a comfy pair of sweet pajamas and t-shirt, right? Wrong because your partner might think you are more interested in comfy flannel rather than foreplay.

Your bedroom has turned into a messy office, instead of some sweet smelling flowers and candles it is all full of papers, bills, receipts and medicines. While you both are busy confirming the next day’s meeting on your cell phones instead of cuddling and having some heart to heart conversation inside your blanket.

It’s been three times in week your spouse has fallen asleep in front of the TV, and the worst part you are not even complaining him about this. Your new definition of talking dirty is deciding who is going to clean the dustbin and scrub the kitchen floor.

You haven’t groomed down there for almost a month, since you are not much in love making these days, so you don’t care at all. Your partner used to sneak into the shower with you every morning for some morning fun but now he sneaks into the bathroom but only for toilet.

It is true sex life does lose its wildness and passion and charm when you are living into a routine. But it also depends on couples, especially on women to keep the flame burning. It requires creativity and the inner youthful soul that keep the sex life burning with desire. No stupid man can resist the allure, if you are always full of passionate enthusiasm and zest to live to the extreme. Bring a whimsical change in your love life by focusing on these signs. Rekindle the flame of passion and overcome your monotony, before it overcomes your relationship.

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