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Woman and Man, made for each other

Have you ever thought that why God has made only two creations in the form of humans, a man and a woman? Furthermore, why he made them in pairs?
The perfect answer I’ve observed is “to maintain the balance”. In order to have a sense of stability and a feel of equality, not only human beings but every living organism is present in the form of pairs; a male & a female.
Different school of thoughts have their own different point of views, logics etc, to describe the reason of being in pair. For example, biologists say that it’s simply because of the need of reproduction, biologically grown-up individuals (both animal & Human) attract towards each other just to reproduce. This is the purpose of being living, according to most of them. In sociologist’s point of view, man (human being) is a social animal; so we need others to live comfortably, with the support of one another. In every aspect of live, rich or poor, old or young, man or women, we all just need one another, in many ways; emotionally, psychologically, religiously, financially, socially etc. Particularly, to maintain a family system, which is the basic unit of one’s society, man and woman “need” each other.
Psychologists reveal that with the aim of living happy, healthy and a well-balanced life, it’s necessary to have a loving & sincere life partner. One can perform the duties at work place better, when he/she feels better in every way, having internal happiness and satisfaction. One can have soft-hearted nature and can be generous to all, only when he/she knows the value of emotions & feelings. One can be active or full of life, only when he/she is having some sold purpose to live. This all can only be happen to one, having a caring, loving & sincere life partner. Actually, the presence of such a spouse in your life can fulfill your life with happiness, it gives you courage to tackle every difficulty, and it boosts your confidence to face the whole world.
However, religious school of thought supports all these logics, and considers them rightly.
Now, let’s analyze the above mentioned logics by different experts of their related fields. First let’s talk about the biological point of view. No doubt, mature individuals feel the need to reproduce but in this regard, there is a big big difference between animals and humans. On the contrary to animals, humans feel this attraction through the beautiful process, which we call “LOVE”. Yes, man and woman when started feeling like this for someone special, it indicates that he or she will that one; and they make pair.
Similarly, through social context, when suddenly or with the passage of time, one meet with the other one and started knowing him/her, they come to know about their family background, education, occupation, living and life style etc. Then if one finds the other, “just perfect” to live with, they make pair; as to harmonize the living standards, one always wants an understanding life partner.
Now here comes the mind readers, the psychologists; they talk about sentiments. Feelings, emotions, nature, habits, etc all means a lot to them. They reveal the hidden secret of happiness to us, the presence of love ones around us, specially the presence of someone utmost special. So according to them, it’s too necessary to choose your life partner on the basis of trust, sincerity, respect and other such valuable parameters. Only then, you can keep yourself psychologically satisfy and can perform all your tasks in a better way.
The last but the most important is to obey the religious point of view, which teaches us the lesson of synchronization. The harmony & balance in the family system, which can only be possible if man and women treat one another equally, and give the respect one deserve. Every religion recommends a beautiful relationship status of marriage, to unite the twolove birds in a one strong bond for forever.
So, beyond all the differences, physical, financial, mental, emotional and spiritual, treat your partner equally and don’t even think that these differences are the problems; you have to face. Mark them only as diversities in personalities and don’t let them enter in your life to disturb. Two love birds might have some contradictions between them but they must have many similarities for sure, if they are made for each other.

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