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Celebrity Style Skin

Celebrity Style Skin

The right skin care products are no longer a hidden secret. Help your natural skin to glow and shine.

All the celebrities and stars have their own little red carpet secrets for body care and skin care, so here we share with you some of those tips and tricks.

Do you want toned silky arms like Jessica Alba?
You must exfoliate your arms in your body care routine, to smooth out uneven skin. So use a salt scrub twice a week in your body care routine and if you’re opting for daily exfoliation then try a cream based scrub, which wont strip your skin of natural oils. Try Origins Never a Dull Moment, Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub and Johnsons Baby Oil Gel with Camomile.

Need to bare a beautiful back?
To prevent back acne on your skin, ( the back tends to be oily skin) use an anti-bacterial soap in your body care regime. Always keep your skin well moisturized! Great skin care products to try are Darphin Hydro Form Toning Body Oil and Neutrogena Visibly clear Body Wash.

You want honey toned skin?
Slather on a golden illuminating lotion to enhance your natural skin colour. Stars skin, like Salma Hayek and J-Lo always glow so try skin care products such as Prescriptives Sheen Cream in Beam and Lux Light Reflect Body Lotion.

Luscious legs like Charlize Theron:
Dry skin tends to make legs look dull and lifeless, especially around the knees and back of your thighs. Constant shaving and tight skinny jeans can cause dry skin on our legs too, so apply body oil. Skin care products for dry skin include Biotherm Happy Legs Icy Leg Gel and Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil.

Get sexy smooth shoulders:
Major exfoliation for the skin on your shoulders is needed for at least 5 days. Try spritzing your skin and shoulders with a satin spray and or blending in a shimmering lotion. A good product is Body Shop’s Vanilla Spice Shimmer Lotion.

We all have patches of dry skin and oily skin coupled with our natural skin oils, so use the right skin care products to achieve celeb worthy, glowing skin. Target areas which need help with the best products available and always remember to exfoliate and moisturize!

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