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Work on your Relationship a little Every Day

Relationships are important. They need work over period of time, a little effort every day does the trick of keeping it running for very long.

Relationships are fun when they start. The love of the first few dates dims down with time as does the excitement. We forget how important the other person is. And then one day we realize the relationship has become stagnant and boring. It is not during the bad times that effort should be put in a relationship. Every day put in something no matter how little so your relationship keeps growing healthier. The day you will stop fueling your relationship it will stop growing. In a relationship keep the friendship alive. Ask yourself if you are being a good friend to your mate. Are you making your mate do things he doesn’t enjoy too often? Things you enjoy doing with friends and in groups do them when together alone as well. “If you want a good friend, be a good friend,” this old saying is just right.

Sometimes all we need is a friend, and most of us often look for that friend in our mate first. It is only when we don’t find that friend in our mate that we look elsewhere. So make sure when your mate looks for a friend in you the friend in you is ready and willing. Don’t judge your mate or reprimand him/her when they turn to you for need of a friend. Sometimes a good listener is all we are looking for. Be that ear! Be the friend.

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