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To make your marriage successful go back to the basics.

Define your marriage yourself; no body knows what you want and what your partner wants more than you.

Marriage is a respected institute but marriage is also tricky business. Sometime we get so comfortable in our marriage we start taking marriage itself for granted. This is where marriage goes wrong.

Sit down and evaluate your marriage. Take out time to do this since it just might save your marriage. It might not be too late for your marriage and you might still get to give your marriage a second chance. But in order to do that you need to first sit and give your marriage a good look. Take a good look at what your marriage has become. Then ponder on why. Once you have pinpointed the trouble areas only then you can know what might make your marriage turbulent. Awareness is the first step to correction and amendment. Only when you know what puts your marriage on rocky ground will you be able to avoid those issues and keep your marriage safe.

The whole idea of this recommended practice is so you clarify your concept of what you want in a marriage. Is your marriage what you hoped your marriage to be? Is your marriage the sort of partnership you always wanted? Once you have defined what you want out of your marriage then you will be able to get it more successfully. Do the things that according to you define a good marriage. Don’t look up to other people for what you should do or not do. The ’ifs and buts’ can be remedied and dealt with later on, get the fundamentals of your marriage right the rest will get all right on its own.

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