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It’s time to End your Relationship

It’s not easy to end your relationship that is with you from last many years but what can you do if it can’t go along with you. You need to understand that it’s time to end this relationship now because this will just give you pain and depression that you don’t need to bear altogether. If your relationship is not working you really don’t need to blame anyone either you or your partner. Just try to end your relationship with an open heart. I know it really hurts to leave someone whom you have loved dearly and dreamt your life with.

There can be many reasons that make you to think about a breakup but most significant reasons for a breakup are mostly physical and emotional abuse. They can’t be compromised and don’t need to be. I think the best tip for an easy breakup is don’t go in to the details or reasons because there can be reason that might hurt you or your partner so it’s better to avoid the whole truth. Don’t lie but if your partner tell you that ‘you are too fat/weak and feel ashamed to have a relationship with you’ will surely going to hurt you. So it’s better to avoid such harsh truth on your breakup.

Whether it’s a romantic relationship or just casual friendship ending it in a way that both the partners didn’t get hurt is really a challenge. You can cope up with such difficulty by discussing it and go for a breakup with mutual understanding.

You don’t need to announce it to dozen of your friend about this breakup because this will eventually make you weak on your part. In fact you don’t need to feel self pity if your partner don’t want to go along with you. Just believe that you will have someone better than this.

You have done everything you can, to save your relationship but finally realized that its time to have a breakup. Ending a relationship is never easy to do but sometimes ending peacefully is better than to continue a mud fight.

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