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Online Dating Tips: 5 Signs You are Prepared to E-Date

We all have friends, family and dear ones but without ‘the one’ there is a void inside our hearts that can only be fulfilled with unrequited love. Love that knows no boundaries; love so passionate that stories are written about it. But how do you find the love of your life? Wearing a sandwich board that reads ‘Single’ and hunting in the streets certainly isn’t an option. And often the conventional ‘friends and family staying on the lookout’ fails too. Well, that’s when online dating tips comes to your rescue. But are you really ready to e-date? Take a look at these 5 signs that you are single and ready to mingle on the Internet.

1. You have moved on: If you have dated or been married in the past, it’s very important to have moved on. If you still keep thinking of your ex, you are probably not yet ready to play the dating game. After a separation or break-up, you must ask yourself if you have let it all go. Have you actually moved on? If you have, then it’s time to find love again.

2. Past relationships have taught you a lesson or two: Experience is often the best teacher. If you have the courage to sit down and think of the past without getting all teary-eyed and make a list of all the lessons you have learnt, you’ll certainly be ready to use them in your next relationship too. So go our there and mingle.

3. You are happy with life: When you are all by yourself at the end of the day, are you completely happy? To be happy with someone else, you need to be happy with your self first. Only then can you make someone else smile. So if the world is a happy place even when it’s just you, then you can be sure that love is about to find you.

4. You’ve dealt with your trust issues: Often a bad break-up or any break-up can leave you scarred and unable to trust again. If you do begin dating again, things might get difficult because of these trust issues. It is better to deal with the baggage fro previous relationships before you get into a new one. First learn to trust and let go of fears and then you will be able to accept the new love in your life.

5. You aren’t looking to date for wrong reasons: Getting involved with someone of any other reason than finding love or companionship is plain wrong. Many want to do it because they want revenge, financial security, a boost to their ego or are in a competition with someone else. Such relationships are bound to end in disappointment or disaster. If you are ready to date just because you want to find love, then it’s about time you do it.

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