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Dating is a Tough Game to Play

Dating may be online or personal but it is a tough game for every women. Men are well at dating but for a woman it is hard to do it. Dating is actually the mutual meeting of two people who are interested in each other. Like everything in life, some games we play have winners and losers. I wish dating wasn’t a game. Dating takes place when two people willing to do some activities together as a couple. First dating is the most difficult thing in your whole dating experience so here are some dating advices for women.

  • First dating advice for women is to have a look at your Looks

Try to look great wherever you are whether it’s date or otherwise. Men are mad about those women who look after themselves and no matter what your age is, you should look as if it is your first date. As most women were raised to seek male approval at any cost, we find ourselves worrying about the wrong things. The thing to be noticed is how you look while dating. This is the first dating advice for women.

  • Second dating advice for women is not to discuss your oldies

Old friendships and boy friends can cause you many problems when you are dating. This dating advice for women is very important because many women do this and spoil their dating discussing their boy friends which does not sound cool. Try not to reveal too much information at once. Don’t tell him your life history and anything else just keep him wondering about you.

  • Third dating advice for women is don’t reveal yourself a lot

Looking at what you are wearing is important but make sure you do not reveal too much which makes the boy think that your intensity is to grab and attract him in wrong ways. So this dating advice for women is especially for those who are extra fashionable and think that less clothes means a lot.

  • Fourth dating advice for women is always be late

Always keep a guy waiting for your date and never turn up early. It is a lady’s prerogative. Never be available when he wants you to date. Never be at the end of a phone when he calls and always let him leave a message or two first before replying. This dating advice for women is as so because girls are always very naughty and touchy for such things.

  • Fifth dating advice for women is to never criticize

Criticizing any one whether it’s your date partner or any ordinary person is unethical. When you are dating and your partner is telling you anything about his life, his families so don’t ever try to criticize him. If he realizes this, he will get a very bad impression.

The above mentioned are some of the dating advices for women especially for those who are going on their first date so that there dating experience don’t go waste.

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