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10 Things To Know Before You Enter The Dating Game

It’s one thing to know a guy as a friend and another to start dating him and sustain a relationship with him. You need to think about several facets of the guy’s personality before making a decision to date him. Try getting to know him as a friend before you think of dating him. Once you’ve made your resolve to date the guy, keep in mind the tips mentioned below.

  • 1. Make it a point to dress up well each time you go out for a date. Don’t just follow this rule only for the first date. Your man would be on his toes if he saw a pretty face each time!
  • 2. Also, think about where you usually meet. Is it at a coffee shop or a nightclub or does he take you home? If he takes you home, it means he is not afraid to introduce you to his parents, if required. That silently speaks of his desire to stay committed to you. Also make sure he mentions all of his family members before you. If you have never heard him talk about his siblings or his parents, then that must strike an alarm.
  • 3. Everyone has their own past and no one has the right to be inquisitive about the other person’s bygone days. But it means no harm to simply know his romantic involvement with others in the past. Has he changed too many partners or are you his first girlfriend? It doesn’t matter if he has had one or two relationships in the past but having too many ex-partners is a cause for concern.
  • 4. Forget judging his character, think of the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, if you happen to see each other in bed! Check out how he reacts to your personal details. In your period of knowing each other as friends, has he been regular at remembering your birthday, dates of important deadlines or any other thing that might be important to you? If he does, then that’s great news! It means that he is taking special interest in you.
  • 5. As friends, you surely would have been quarreling with each other sometime or would have gotten into an argument. If the argument heats up, how do you guys patch up? Do you have a conversation with each other or just sulk and walk away? Make sure this is sorted out from the very start because this can go ahead and become a big problem in the future.
  • 6. In your period of being friends with him, observe how physical has he been. Does he flirt innocuously or does he attempt to get physically intimate with you? Make sure that sex is not all he wants. Otherwise, the only reason he will get into the dating game with you is to get into bed with you.
  • 7. Although you don’t know how long your relationship will last, it is important to find ambition in your future boyfriend. This will eventually define his drive, financial stability, passions and interests in life. If you end up being with him for long, all these things will eventually affect your relationship.
  • 8. At some point, if you do end up being aware of all facets of your potential date, don’t expect to get into a commitment very soon. If the boy senses this urgency in you, your dating game could spell itself out in a disaster. Keep it within you and take it slow and steady.
  • 9. Another very important thing to keep in mind before dating is to not be on a mission to change your partner into someone else. Admire and love your partner for what he is and not for what you want him to be. You may give him suggestions to make a few changes here and there but don’t go beyond that.
  • 10. Last but not the least, introspect and figure out if you yourself are ready to get into the dating game or not. There are lots of ups and downs in this game and it may not necessarily turn out to be as smooth sailing as it is reputed to be.

It’s better to be aware of all these things beforehand because in the future, it is the small things that crop up as big troubles and make life miserable. No one can predict the compatibility between couples, but it is always better to be alert.

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