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Natural Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

Many people suffer from the problem of dry hair. The dry hair gets damaged so quickly. Sun exposure, heat, saltiest water, chemical treatments, bleach, harsh brushing, roasting hair dryers, hot curling and straightening irons, male nutrition and age all the factors involve to dry the hair and damage them also. Don’t be worried about this there are some natural remedies for dry hair to protect and repair them at home.

Natural hair care tips and Remedies for dry hair


  • Conditioning is best tip for the dry hair. Use natural conditioners adequately, use mehndi with egg yoke and yogurt mixes them and massages the scalp with this mixture. It will give shine and strength to your dry hair.
  • Pour two table spoon of lemon juice in one litter water wash your hair with this water after shampoo.

Heat activating moisturizing

For this it is highly recommended to use any natural oil like coconut, mustard, or olive oil to give massage to your hair.  For best result, warm your oil slightly massage for 30 min, cover your hair with wet towel for half an hour. It will help to moisturize your hair and add a luster in your hair it is a dry hair remedy.

Use natural products for dry hair

To wash and conditioned your hair always tries to use natural products. Use home made shampoos, and conditioners.

  • Separate the egg white and mix it with water and a tea spoon of honey. Wet your hair with warm water and apply the mixture. Leave on hair for 10 minutes before rinsing and rains it with warm water it is a dry hair remedy of shampoo.
  • Wash your hair with amla, reetha and sikakai powder as a shampoo. For this take an equal amount of all these herbs grind them and use two table spoon or use per requirement of your hair as natural remedy for dry hair.

Hair pack remedy for dry hair

Mayo can be a great hair pack for dry hair.

  • Apply mayo to your hair for whole night, rains it in the morning with warm water it will luster your hair, it is good for the scalp and the dandruff in hair which is the major problem of dry hair.

  • Mix four natural oils of your choice, 1 table spoon mustard paste, and two table spoon of honey mix it with half cup yogurt. Apply it for 30 min and wash it with plain water.

Avoid hair styling equipments

They are highly damaging for the hair and turn them dry and damaged.

  • Instead of using curlers use rollers to give curls to your hair.
  • If like straitening use cool air and stiff brush for this purpose in front of pedestal fan brush your hair stiffly it will straighten your hair like straighter.

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