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Perfect Summer Fragrances for Date Night

Summer Fragrances for Date Night

Fragrances for DatePicking the perfect fragrance for the summers isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. In fact there are huge numbers of people who actually believe that they don’t need to change fragrances the whole year! The reality is reality! Although it is always not a good idea to switch fragrances once the weather changes but fragrances worn in the winter tend to be heavier, warmer, spicier and muskier smelling and you will be pulled down once summer disembarks.

There are enormous number of light and fruity scents to try out this summer which may be just the thing if you are in the market looking for a new summer fragrance if you going for a date night.

Here are some few fragrances you might want to get this summer:

1. Chloe Love -A great date night choice that’s a little heavier than some of the others but it would be perfect for a late date night dinner. The bottle is an adorable flask and a necessity for vanity.

2. Kat Von D Adora- This is a recommendation for date night, or the office. It smells like tea, light and refreshing all time long fragrance.

3. Elizabeth W Magnolia Eau de Parfum-This light & airy perfume is a combination of white magnolia petals with saffron and sandalwood

4. Dolce and Gabana Light & Blue or by Elizabeth Arden which both have a delightful fruity fragrance.

5. Armani Code for Women

If you are really indeed tired of reapplying your summer fragrances then why not layer your fragrance to retain your beautiful smell? It means that often you can get shower gel, body lotion or even powder with the same scent as your favorite summer fragrance. Although this obviously means a little more expense, it will help you to keep your summer fragrance going for longer periods.

  • Bulgari Blu Notte: A latest summer fragrance is an excellent choice for date night.
  • Pink by Nanadabary: This is one of Madonna’s fragrances of choice.
  • Guerlain L ‘Heure Bleu: The perfect combination of Bergamot & vanilla. Soft and delicate.
  • Island Michael Kors: This gorgeous summer fragrance was Inspired by Kors travels to exotic, beachy locales with an elegant aroma.
  • Stila Midnight Bloom: Another perfume for those warm summer date nights.

Summer fragrances, summer date nights all seem to have the same gears, flowery notes, vanilla, and a touch of coconut, everything that reminds us of that perfect summer season. Some of the hottest fragrances have added to the shimmery summer.

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