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6 Ways to Tell If Your Boyfriend is Lying to You

Butler says, “Never let love make you blind where the dumbest and least thought out lie, becomes TRUTH because you WANT to BELIEVE it so.” When you are in love, you think your boyfriend could never lie to you, and reading signs in what he is saying or doing is merely your own insecurity. But all humans are capable of deceiving even if it is white lies. If you love someone, make sure you are not being deceived and know the signs that can help you understand them better.

Here are 6 signs that your boyfriend is lying to you.

1. Use of fillers

Does he talk a lot or give direct answers? If he is very clear about many things but uses fillers during specific conversations like ‘hmmm’ or merely nodding. Not responding to questions directly and using fillers indicate that your boyfriend could be lying to you.

2. Laughter

Some men are extremely bad liars. They just cannot conceal the truth. While they are trying to concoct a very convincing and deceptive story to fool you, they might just crack up and fall into their own trap.

3. Changing the topic

Men who distract you from the topic either doesn’t wish to lie to you or they just cannot lie so when you ask them something, they might glide to a different conversation and distract you.

4. Praising you without even looking

You ask for his opinion about a dress or a piece of accessories and he always appreciates it. Then, you look at him and he wasn’t even looking. He is lying because he is simply not interested.

4. Showering presents

Generosity coming from someone who is not used to showering gifts on you does sound very fishy. You need to be careful of a big lie coming your way. Bribing his way through could mean that he is trying to cover up something big.

5. Avoiding

If he is gone away for a long time and is dodging your phone calls by faking conferences and meetings and creating busy situations that you cannot question, these are signs that you’re relationship is dwindling on the pack of lies created by him.

6. I’m tired!

Men could be lying about various reasons but the worst could be when they are cheating on you. Every time you plan a romantic evening, candle lights, dinner or want to have sex, they are tired and drained out. Being tired a couple of times sounds valid but not when it is thrown at your face every now and then.

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