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15 Things Men Should Never Say to Women

Men are known for a lot of things (Lacking a uterus! Killing spiders! Being named Gary!), But save for your Rooster staff and whomever is, they aren’t just regarded for linguistic suavity when it comes to talking-to the opposite sex. However, all is forgiven, because we’re here to give you Y-chromosome beings some guidance on how to talk to women.

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Here are But a Few Things You Should Never Let Escape Your Oral Cavity:

1: “Your Boobs are Like Taut Melons.”

2: “So Do You Like Mumford and Sons?”

3: “You Remind Me So Much of My Ex.”

4: “You Look So Much Better without Makeup.”

5: “Wellbutrin Makes My Dick Soft.”

6: “Be a Stripper for Me.”

7: “You Have Child-Bearing Hips.”

8: “You’re So Soft. Like a Pillow.”

9: “I Golf to De-Stress. Just Handling Those Balls Makes Me Feel Like a Man.”

10: “Are You Done Getting Ready Yet?”

11: “I’m Pretty Comfortable Farting in Front of You. It’s Like You’re Smelling My True Self.”

12: “Wow … The House is Super Dirty Right Now.”

13: “You Don’t Have to Get All Emotional, She’s My Ex for a Reason!”

14: “You Didn’t HAVE to Give Him Your Number.”

15: “You Look Tired. Does Someone Need a Nappy?”


Source: Therooster

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