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4 Signs You Are Being Used

4 Signs You Are Being Used

In your lifetime, you will meet different kinds of people – some you will make friends with, some who will not come to terms with you, some will guide you.

But there will sometimes be those who will always take from you, ask for you when they need your assistance but will never be there when you need them.

These are the people who come to your life, use you and then leave you abandoned; they use you like a disposable accessory in their lives. Listed here are the top 4 signs that will show you that you are being used.

  1. You help them, but they don’t

You are always the friend in need. When they need something, you are always there to help but when you need them, there is no reciprocation whatsoever.

You try your best to help them whenever they ask for it; in fact, you go out of the way to help them because they make you feel bad if you are not able to help them.

But when it comes to you, that is, when you are in need of help, they seem to be too busy or they do not pay heed to what help you might need. Rest assured that these are the people who are using you.

  1. You are living someone else’s life

Are you following somebody else’s schedule? Are you tweaking your own routine and expediency to suit somebody else’s? If you find yourself living somebody else’s life and never being able to find time yourself or do things the way you want, chances are you are being used.

Ponder over how different your life was when this person was not there in your life. If you think that you were happier then and now you are only always trying to make this somebody else happy, it is a clear sign that you are being used.

  1. You are always the one cooperating

Cooperation is a two-way affair. If it is always you who are cooperating and adjusting while the other person is only dancing on his/her own whims paying no heed to your desires, standards, likes and dislikes, then you are being used.

  1. You are a means to someone’s end

Then there are the ones who make friends with you with a motive in mind. You are good at something or you have an authority over something or you may be the friend of some big shot.

If they only have one thing to talk about when they are with you, you are being used as a means to an end. When the need will cease to exist, they will not recognize you. This is another sign that you are being used.

Remember that even if you love the person who is using you, no good will ever come your way if you continue the relationship. You must move away from the association and make it clear that you are not an object to be used, even if it means breaking the other person’s heart, because if he/she is using you, it will never happen again.

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