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Woman ‘stabbed boyfriend to death with shisha pipe needle after row over samosa’

A woman stabbed her boyfriend to death using a shisha pipe needle after a row over a samosa spiralled into bloodshed, it has been reported.

Nicole Maria Ferreira da Costa, 20, is charged with murder after the petty row in which she allegedly used the needle of a hookah to kill her partner.

Police in Brazil say the woman admitted to using the hookah needle during a trivial argument over a ‘pastel’, which is a Brazilian fast-food dish similar to a samosa.

Adailton Gomes de Abreu Sousa, 24, died at his girlfriend’s house on September 18 last year in the municipality of Aparecida de Goiania, southwest of the capital city of Brasilia.

Earlier in the day, he had gone out with her and two of his sisters to a food market.

According to investigators the couple started arguing over a pastel, and the argument continued when they went back to Costa’s house, where she is alleged to have stabbed him in the nipple with the needle.

Adailton’s sisters, aged 13 and 16, were outside the house when the alleged killing took place.

Investigators originally suspected Adailton had suffered a heart attack before they noticed the perforation in his nipple caused by the needle, which had pierced his heart.

Chief investigator Eduardo Rodovalho told news site G1: “He was in agony for a short time and then died.”

During questioning, Costa told the police that her boyfriend had attacked her with a broken hookah pipe and she stabbed him with the needle in self-defence before seeking help.

But investigators ruled out self-defence after no injuries were found on the woman. They also said that fights between the “immature” couple were commonplace.

Costa was not arrested at the time, as she cooperated fully with the police and appeared ‘genuinely distressed’ at her boyfriend’s death.

Adailton was a mechanic and left behind a two-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. He and Costa had been together for about two years.

A pastel is a typical Brazilian street-food snack consisting of a thin-crust pie with one of assorted fillings, fried in vegetable oil.

It it is unclear why it was the cause of friction between the pair, and Costa was released on bail while awaiting trial.

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