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Sherri Papini Leaves Prison Following Sentence for False Kidnapping Claim


Sherri Papini, once in the spotlight for faking her own kidnapping in 2016, has transitioned from federal prison to community confinement.

Now 41, she is situated in a residential reentry facility in Sacramento County as per federal records. Papini, mother of two, was sentenced to 18 months last September after admitting to mail fraud and giving false statements regarding her faux abduction.

She was absent for 22 days before resurfacing near a Sacramento highway, claiming she’d been held captive and abused by two women, according to NBC.

Later revelations showed she traveled almost 600 miles from Redding to be with her then-boyfriend in Costa Mesa, even resorting to branding and self-infliction to support her kidnapping narrative.

After spending 22 days with him, she was dropped by the roadside, leading to her discovery. Last March, she was apprehended and subsequently confessed to fabricating the entire incident in court, expressing her remorse.

Shortly after her confession, her spouse, Keith, initiated divorce proceedings. She is set to complete her community confinement term this October.

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