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Woman issues warning as claw clip gets stuck in her head following car accident: ‘I was very lucky I did not’

Woman issues warning after claw clip
TikTok/ @paisley.rileyyy

A TikToker has expressed her gratitude for being ‘lucky’ after her claw clip became trapped in the back of her skull during a vehicle accident. Paisley Nicole was engaged in an automobile accident on Saturday, March 4, in which her vehicle rolled over. Fortunately, Paisley’s injuries were not critical.

The major suspect Paisley believes is responsible for her head injury? Consider the claw clip she was wearing on the back of her head.

The TikToker has recently spoken out in order to “spread awareness to girls that drive around with claw clips.” Paisley reveals that she needed to ‘go pee’ while traveling in her friend’s boyfriend’s side-by-side car. The TikToker continues: “So she was taking me to go and she turned really hard. And we were going just under 20 miles an hour and we rolled.


Replying to @ocytemple3 sorry for the stutter and shaking: i have a concussion and am on medications😕 #fyp #foryou #hairclip

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“And the back of my head hit a metal bar which lodged the claw clip in the back of my head. “My boyfriend was there thankfully and my cousin and they literally ripped the roof off of the side-by-side to get me out. And I called my mum and she called the ER letting them know we were on the way.”

Once at the hospital, Paisley underwent a CT scan and X-rays of her head and chest ‘to make sure [she] didn’t have any brain damage’. The TikToker notes: “I was very lucky I did not.”

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Paisley had five staples placed in the back of her head to repair the damage from the accident. “I do not remember anything from the accident. Everything I’ve just said I’m just been told from it,” she adds. People have now flocked to Paisley’s TikTok to express their appreciation for her warning, according to the independent.

One wrote: “**gently removes claw clip from hair**” “Thank you for raising awareness and I’m glad you’re ok!” another said. A third weighed in with their own experience: “My daughter left her doll claw clip-on floor I stepped in it the clip went all the way up my foot I had to go.to ER to get out it wouldn’t budge.”

However, another user theorized: “So the claw clip might of saved your life from taking the primary impact. claw was secondary impact.” Paisley says she’s received ‘many’ responses from others who have had similar experiences with claw clips, with some apparently dying as a result of ‘brain damage’ from their disaster.

Whatever others say about the claw clip event, Paisley concludes that she was ‘very lucky’ and that the whole thing might have ‘been very much worse’.

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