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Royals Are “Terrified” of Speaking to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Coronation: ‘they need some planning around this’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The coronation of King Charles is only a few weeks away, and there has been no official word of whether Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would attend. The royals, as usual, are freaking out over crashing into the Sussexes if they do arrive, and reportedly everyone is “terrified” of speaking to them for fear of the conversation being “magnified” for “profit.”

Royal commenter Louise Roberts tells Sky News Australia, via The Sun, “The problem is that anyone who could be close to them, for example, William and Kate, won’t tell them anything. Everyone’s terrified…everything’s for sale—every indiscretion or every aside comment could be magnified for an American audience in order to get them a profit.”

Meghan and Harry are apparently negotiating for their entire family to stand on the Buckingham Palace balcony alongside King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their children during King Charles’ coronation.

Royal expert Angela Mollard told The Express, “The latest thing they’ve said is they want to be on the balcony for the coronation while not giving a confirmation themselves that they’re going to be there. This is five weeks out; they need some planning around this, they need to know whether to set aside the chairs.”

She added that regarding the couples’ request to be included in King Charles’ balcony moment, “there is no chance they’re going to be on the balcony—the Queen wanted a slimmed-down monarchy. Charles is further enforcing that. He has dealt beautifully with Andrew and they need to turn around and say there’s no chance they’ll get a place on that balcony.”

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