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Mike Pence Hits the Campaign Trail, Hinting Towards 2024 Run; Will Trump Voters Support Him?

According to insiders, Why? Mike Pence is about to visit South Carolina. Pence is returning to the campaign trail as rumors around a 2024 administrative run begin to surge. Trump would be bringing back his signature MAGA rallies.

Is it a coincidence? So, what’s is that Pence’s first event was announced by revealing this. Another question is this a clear sign that Pence likely intends to run in 2024? Although South Carolina might not be a crucial swing state in the general election. But truly it is certainly an important state in the Republican presidential primaries.

According to the CNN conformation Pence has reemerged in South Carolina ahead of a potential 2024 decision.  In 2024 when Trump has publicly considered running with Ron DeSantis Pence visiting South Carolina come at a time. Yes, Possibly the timing of Pence’s South Carolina visit is more than just a mere coincidence.

Trump voters would stick with Trump in a primary match-up. Nevertheless, if early social media acknowledgments are any sign, it appears that most. The potential 2024 run has certainly gotten the attention of the media.

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