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Biden in Georgia Finds Himself ‘in Trouble’ Again, This Time Over His Mask

Biden Use Obscene Amount Of Taxpayer

Joe Biden was celebrating his 100 days in office today. But where he celebrated says everything about the hypocrisy of Biden.

He was in Georgia, the same state he chastised over its new election law. After falsely calling the law “Jim Crow on Steroids,” an insulting diminishment of true Jim Crow laws, he advocated in support of pulling the All-Star game out of Georgia.

Then Major League Baseball did exactly that, referring to Biden’s words. But now, here he is, in Georgia, so does that mean he’s advocating for Jim Crow? Or is it more “rules for thee but not for me,” a concept of which Democrats seem fond? Of course, the whole Jim Crow/racism take was just nonsense, to begin with; what Democrats were really upset about was that Republicans dared to clean up the election laws, which actually provides more opportunity for voting.

But Biden’s words, plus the pull out of the All-Star game and other events from Georgia cost the hard-working people of the state over $100 million dollars in anticipated revenue.

Biden was in Georgia today to hold a car rally, so stoking those carbon emissions that wouldn’t be expelled but for his presence. Of course, there weren’t that many people so it wasn’t so bad. Typical Joe rally. It almost looked like there were more protesters than regular people.

As journalist Jeremy Hunt explained in Townhall, Joe owes Georgia an apology for all the money he cost the people of the state, not a car rally.

But Joe being Joe, he couldn’t get through the rally without a problem.

As Biden finished his remarks and tried to exit the stage, he couldn’t find his mask. Now, remember that he’s outdoors and just told everyone earlier this week how you didn’t have to be masked outdoors with vaccinated people. So why was he looking for it, to begin with? But he still wasn’t able to keep track of it.

Then he stepped in it again, saying he would be “in trouble.”

Biden wasn’t able to find it, so someone finally came up behind him to slip him a mask, just as Biden found it, finally, in his pocket all along. This is the guy with the nuclear codes.

So once again, as we asked earlier in the week when he said if he took a question from the press that he was “going to be in trouble,” isn’t this guy supposed to be the most powerful man in the world? With whom is he going to be “in trouble”? Who exactly is pulling his strings?

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